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5th September 2016 / Economic policy / Technology, R&D and Innovation

AmCham Policy Report- Issue 10 - Prosperity Index: Converging at pace

Angela Merkel probably expected her refugee policy to make her a political piñata during her visit to Prague. Refugees force people to define just where the us becomes them. Some draw the line closer to the self, and some farther. No matter what she decided, someone was going to protest.

25th September 2016 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

Radio Praha: More and more Czech firms selling wares through e-commerce giants

Czech companies are beginning to sell products through major internet retailers like Amazon or China’s Alibaba. According to Czech Radio, domestic companies selling through international e-commerce retailers now number in the dozens

22nd September 2016 / Economic policy / Tax & Finance

Tax Policy Reforms in OECD: Czech tax-to-GDP ratio increases between 2010 and 2014 | Summary of tax reforms

Recently published OECD report Tax Policy Reforms in the OECD provides overview of tax reforms that were implemented, legislated or announced in 2015, as well as common tax policy trends.

21st September 2016 / Politics / Elections

Grayling: Almost 40% of Czech Parliament members are on candidate lists in regional elections | Czech Radio: interviews, infographic

Almost 40% of members of the Czech Parliament (86 members of the Chamber of Deputies, the Lower Chamber of the Parliament, and 26 members of the Senate, the Upper Chamber) will compete in the upcoming regional elections that will be held on 7 and 8 October 2016. Listen to interviews with candidates, view infographic.  

20th September 2016 / Competitiveness / Trade and Investment

Copenhagen Economics/European Commission: Towards a Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) - Attractiveness Scoreboard: Czech innovation capacity decreased

The European Commission  (DG Growth) has asked Copenhagen Economics to identify the main drivers of FDI into the EU and construct an FDI Attractiveness Scoreboard that can be used to benchmark individual countries on their attractiveness. Foreign investors chose the Czech Republic due to relatively low wage costs, well-educated, English-speaking labour force, cultural similarities with Western Europe, good digital infrastructure and political stability, the report shows, but the country could improve its innovation capacity, among others.

19th September 2016 / Politics / Technology, R&D and Innovation

UN: Connecting science to policy: Major findings and recommendations of the UN Scientific Advisory Board to the countries of the world

Recently, the UN Scientific Advisory Board submitted a Summary Report to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Among others, the report highlights the need to ensure a continuing flow of creative scientists. Countries should strongly promote education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for all children beginning at an early age.


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